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Field Trips

Field Trips

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-2.

➞ Option #1: mini learning maze only $7/person

➞ Option #2: mini learning maze w/cider and donuts $8.75/person

➞ Option #3: All mazes only $10/person

➞ Option #4: All mazes w/cider and donuts $11.75/person



Minimum amount of people for a field trip: 20

Teachers and bus drivers are free!

Paid students receive a free field trip pumpkin.

All chaperones and extra siblings will need to purchase admission to join in on field trips!

Time frame is approximately an hour and a half.

All groups will be structured to self guide through activities


School checks are accepted as well as cash. Field trips must be paid for on or before your arrival at the farm.

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