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How it all began ... ... ...

In 2005 Charley and Margie Helwig set out to offer a wholesome environment for families to come together and connect with farming. They recognized that fewer and fewer people had access to family farms and they believed in the importance of connecting our community with agriculture and one another. Charley and Margie opened "Charley's Corn Maze Adventures" in 2005. Through years of hard work Charley and Margie transformed the farm into "Farmer Charley's Kackleberry Farm." Charley grew up on a chicken farm that produced eggs for Delray Bakery in Detroit and the family history of raising eggs was incorporated in the name. "Kackleberry" or more widely spelled "cackleberry" is defined as a chicken egg. 

Fast forward to 2022, Keith and Laura Middleton purchased the farm, now known as "Kackleberry Farms." The roots and values of the farm remain the same. Today the farm is operated by Keith and Laura Middleton along with their four kids. The vision they have is to connect people to agriculture and offer a place where everyone can come together to make memories that last a lifetime! Their family has a deep-rooted history in farming that spans generations and are honored to not only carry the legacy of their ancestors but also carry on the legacy that Charley and Margie started. The desire to reconnect people with one another and agriculture remains a core motivation on the farm.

In 2013 Keith and Laura started Middleton's Fall Festival, a pumpkin patch and corn maze adventure similar to Kackleberry Farm on the family farm in Washington State. Keith’s brothers continue the legacy of Middleton Farms!

Kackleberry Farms is a place for both the young and the young at heart. The family farm is a place where anyone can call home.

We find ourselves here.

Entirely present to the generations behind us and before us


Our journey isn't just about where we are going, but also where we've come from

Ranchers bidding on cows at an auction in the 1970's
Ranchers roping a calf as it tries to escape the barn
Beautiful hay field with a sunset over the cascade range in Oregon
Combine harvesting wheat in the early 1970's
Farmer fixing the combine in the wheat field
Farmer watching his grain pile up from the harvesters.
Corn Field Barn



The spirit of work persists
regardless of age


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